Sarnia-Lambton PC Candidate Bob Bailey calls out NDP Health Care Claims

Published on June 01, 2018


June 1, 2018


Sarnia-Lambton PC Candidate Bob Bailey calls out NDP Health Care Claims


Sarnia-Lambton PC candidate Bob Bailey is calling out the NDP Party and its local candidate, Kathy Alexander, for their misleading comments regarding health care at Bluewater Health’s locations in Sarnia and Petrolia. “These are the same misleading statements the NDP try to spread each and every election,” says Bailey.  “They have no basis in reality. It shows that Ms. Horwath and her team are not ready to govern.”


Bailey’s comments came after Alexander held a press conference on Friday, June 1st that attempted to scare voters about the future of health care in Sarnia-Lambton under a PC government, using bogus information provided by the NDP party headquarters.


“The PC Party and our leader, Doug Ford, have repeatedly stated that there will be no cuts to frontline health care workers when we form the next government,” says Bailey. “For the NDP to say otherwise is blatantly false.”


Bailey adds that the PC Party has made it clear over and over that they plan to end hallway health care and invest in long-term care beds that would help alleviate the strain on community hospitals like Bluewater Health. “We will invest in 15,000 new long-term care beds in the first five years - and 30,000 over 10 years,” explains Bailey.  “We are investing $1.9 billion in addiction and mental health supports so that people can receive the care they need. We are building up our health care system to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.”   


Bailey points out that both the Liberal and NDP platform documents are built on the 2018-2019 provincial budget numbers, which both the Auditor General and the Financial Accountability Officer of Ontario have said are wrong.


“The NDP put out a plan with six straight years of deficits and no plan to return to a balanced budget, which will push the provincial debt past $400 billion,” says Bailey. “Then it was revealed that their deficits would actually be $7 billion more than they announced because of a math mistake. They simply can’t be trusted with the taxpayers’ money.”


“An Ontario PC government is going to balance the budget in a responsible way. We will not balance in the first or second year, but we are committed to returning to balance as quickly as we can,” concludes Bailey. “We do not know the state of Ontario’s finances and anyone who tells you they do is lying to you.”